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  • ProductsSpecialized EquipmentRobot Auto Loading System
    Robot auto loading system is applicable to explosive with the package of PP woven bag and case. The whole system does not need labor to interfere, and realize unmanned operation and auto continuously loading. It has the features of unmanned operation, safety, high-efficiency, high accuracy, wide adaptability.
    • Robot palletizers are applied to improve intelligentized industrial explosive handling process
    • Unmanned operation, no fixed operators required to greatly reduce work intensity
    • With intelligent correction to automatically rectify position of track conveyors
    • Laser ranging system to implement the accurate target orientation of robot palletizer
    • Vehicle positioning device to achieve perfect connect between vehicles and transporting and handling platform
    • Optional automatic placement of turnover pallets for improving production efficiency of explosives' unloading and discharge

    Palletizer Mode



    Civil explosive industry, robot palletizer in the truck

    Applicable material

    PP Woven bag, case

    Speed of palletizer

    6 bag (8 cases)/min

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